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"View of My Home Village" Pagoda

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Please send the address of your webpage or blog entries relating to Wang Xiang Ting to the email address provided below.   请将和望乡亭网站有关联的您的网站或者博客站地址寄惠以下邮箱

New friendly links:  See Friendly Website 5) below.

Friendly Websites   

1) "Pagoda for Hometowns" 徐增全 先生 (in Ann Arbor, MI)                                                   

2) 我是个幸福的老头November 24, 2011

3) 2013 游望乡亭 韩庆愈

4) As of December 28, 2017, the Beijing Wang Xiang Ting Exhibit at Japan National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka Japan) is now viewable on the museum's website: 

在网上浏览北京望乡亭在日本国立民族学博物馆展览  20171228:

点击高亮显示位于右上角的“中国地域の文化”地区名称,然后点击红色地点查找您感兴趣的展览。 你可以从不同的角度移动视线!

         Click to high-light the area name "中国地域の文化" located at the upper right corner, then click a red-colored spot to find the exhibits in which you are interested.
         You can move the site from different views as you wish!
         Here is a PDF file with sample views:  Sample Views


5) 好消息!我朋友在北京创办新的望乡亭网站:,欢迎光临。 也欢迎光临我们的望乡亭网站: 。借此机会我们重申若有人不同意自己的照品被放在网上公开,请告诉我们可及时撤下。

Good news! My friend has created a new Website in Beijing highlighting Wangxiang Pavilion  We encourage you to visit this Chinese website as well as our Wangxiang Pavilion Website:

We take this opportunity to reiterate that if someone does not agree that his photographs/articles are posted on the Internet, please let us know and we can promptly remove it.

Friendly Blogs

7) 生日和纪念December 11, 2007
8) 望乡亭专辑-挑挑拣拣-和讯相册 A photo album April 8, 2008
9) October 29, 2009 華僑の林珠江さんは望郷亭」の竣工4周年を祝った。
10) High school alumni website in Osaka, Japan  王 瑞豊氏 「望郷亭」
11) A baby climbing mountain Bai Wang Shan 千山鸟飞绝 September 6, 2009
12) 百望山游记 July 8, 2010
13)  Cycling 百望山是个骑车越野的好地方 October 18, 2010 [video link] [blog link]
14) 太行第一哨 百望醉游人------百望山赏November 1, 2011
15) 六只脚 自助游GPS线路规划 A hiking course with GPS March 31, 2012
16) 亦开的博客 望乡亭 2012-05-18:
17)Youku 优酷视频: 百望山 望乡亭 老李:
18)20130523 309医院韩家川望乡亭水坝西北旺:
19)百望复千 乡愁家山岛——王瑞丰、林珠江夫妇和望乡亭的故事
20)豆瓣小 发现小组 发现话题请告诉我什么是文物之——文物举报(摘)法国老教2011-10-29:
21)走遍中国,方舟旅行纪 在山顶之间漫步!——百望山游2009-06-19:
22)刘戈戈的个人空 望乡亭休2008-12-14:    
23)汉语词典 > 望乡台什么意:
24) 海荃的个人空间:

25) 园林学院实践课--百望山观红叶 2011.11.6:  PDF

Archive [outdated links]

朋情亭、揽枫亭和望乡亭及北部的红叶March 13, 2012
登临百望山,送别奥运年——中国农业大学蔬菜研究生第一党支部百望山之行 November 18, 2008
E-TrueBlue:  China - - The Alumni Association e-newletter for U-M alumni in China (July, 2006; "Did You Know?") 
北京黄煌长先生 春草博客站] 
北京 老年博客村站,2d882464 
秋赏红叶胜景----多多秋游百望山October 28, 2007 

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